Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Stage like a pro!

Everyone knows the power of the paintbrush.  Of course you should vacuum too.  Oh, and de-clutter while you're at it.  And, for a while there, the aroma of baking cookies wafting from the kitchen, was a popular tactic.  But home staging goes a bit beyond the obvious.  Especially now.  Especially in this competitive market. 

What continues to amaze me (among other things) is the seller's lack of concern for the exterior!  Sagging, overloaded gutters send buyers running the other way.  If a seller can't be bothered to weed their flower beds, who on earth should believe they've had their HVAC serviced in the past decade.  Ratty, past-their-prime doormats are anything but welcoming.  Overlooking these details sends a clear message to prospective buyers:  "Skip this house!". 


Staging doesn't have to cost a fortune but it will make a difference.


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