Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Proper American Flag Disposal - a little tidbit for my fellow flag flyers

Several weeks ago, while cleaning up our garage, I discovered not one but FOUR unserviceable flags that needed to be disposed of.

To clarify, the term "unserviceable flag" refers to a flag frayed around the edges, soiled, torn or faded.  When the flag becomes unserviceable it is customary to destroy it by burning it in a dignified manner.  
 (Dignified manner = The flag should first be folded into a triangle shape and placed on a fire that is large enough to fully consume it, leaving behind only ashes. The ashes should then be buried. )

But where?
Typically, your town or county provides a drop-off point.
Or, like me, you can take them to an American Legion Post.
On a scale of one to ten, I give the American Legion an 11.  Friendly volunteers and a very convenient location.  Oh, and FREE PENS!  Perfection!  But seriously, these people should be applauded for their hardwork and service to the community.  In many cases, they are retired seniors.  Seniors who could be relaxing in Boca or playing 18 holes but instead are devoting their free time making the world a better place.

See what else they're up to:

Anyway,  if you have some old tattered flags lying around, now you know what to do with them!

For my Atlanta friends, here is the American Legion I visited:

American Legion, Post #1
2800 B Shallowford Rd. NE
Atlanta , GA 30341

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